The Spiritual Physician: Carla Rotering, MD

Dr. Rotering is a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician, leader, mentor, and coach who is deeply committed to people–to their growth, upliftment, resilience, and purpose as they strive toward the best version of themselves in their professional and personal lives. She supports mastery for individuals and organizations by employing both experiential and introspective processes. Carla delivers her guidance and expertise with full-hearted enthusiasm, caring, wisdom, and humor. Her life experience and training have offered her a deep appreciation for the role of coaching and mentoring as it contributes to evolving human potential and our shared ability to expand and grow toward collaboration, excellence, and integrity.

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Carla Rotering, MD

Dr. Rotering also is committed to enhancing the lives of people in Medicine through coaching, workshops, education, and retreat experiences with a special emphasis on Physician Coaching and Leadership Training programs for physicians and health care professionals.

Carla Rotering’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Take care of yourself so that you may take care of other people. Breathe. Learn how to say “No” with a smile in your heart. Go slower. Eat well. Go to Zumba class. Sleep through the night. Cultivate outside interests. Join hands with people. Take care of what matters to you.

Number 2: Recognize you do not have to do this alone. All those spaces and places and points, all the fear, all the sense of isolation, all those stairway tears can be managed with one simple request: “Can you help me?” “Can you show me?”, “Could you be with me?”, “Could I call you?”, “Could we get a cup of coffee?”, “I don’t know how to move forward.” Recognize that we were meant to assist one another.

Number 3: Treasure our friendships and personal relationships. We all learn what we need to know from the science perspective. We all will master our craft. We are all going to make a living. So, surround yourself with mentors and colleagues, caring family. It will make your life feel more purposeful and complete.

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Notable quotes from Carla’s interview:

My goals were to just be in the world.

I always had this sense their was something really generous about the way that [my parents] invested in my talents.

That sense of being invested in also came with the price of being obliged.

There was always something really clear to me that there is this powerful interface between mind and body that we never quite elevated in our studies, and understanding that interface would be a powerful way to show up as a physician.