The Holiday Special: Part I

Happy Holidays from Everyone at MD Coaches and Rx For Success. Please enjoy this look back at the top 10 shows of the year. In this episode, we will be focused on Shows 10 through 6.

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PHYSICIANS BY PHYSICIANS. It showcases unique physician talents, whether it be in the form of writing, painting, creating cookie masterpieces, or storming capital hill in the name of healthcare advocacy. Use promo code RxforSuccess to get three months free when selecting the monthly option.

For biographies, and more information about our guests, please see their full pages, linked below:

Clip 1) – The Advocate: Christopher Sheeron

Clip 2) – The Activist: Nicole Johnson, MD

Clip 3) – The Negotiator: Carl Schussler, Jr. 

Clip 4) – The Entrepreneur: Andrea Paul, MD

Clip 5) – The Analyst: Saba Rizvi, MD