The Negotiator: Carl Schuessler Jr. (Part I)

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part discussion with Mr. Schuessler. We found this discussion so relevant to today’s healthcare challenges, we decided not to leave anything behind. 

As Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Mitigate Partners, a risk management, cost containment and employee benefits consulting firm, Carl Schuessler leads a consortium of 30+ employee benefit consulting and brokerage firms. Carl brings more than 30 years of experience in benefits consulting and financial services to the field, and pioneered the fiduciary approach to benefits advisory services. His passion for fixing the problem of runaway health-care costs in this country, and his desire to treat the employer’s money as his own led him through years of research culminating in the development of his proprietary FairCo$t Health Plan. This innovative plan design seamlessly integrates 20+ cost containment solutions with a high-performance health-care solutions platform. This combination provides first-class benefits at substantially lower costs to employers all while realizing better clinical outcomes for plan members. A founding Health Rosetta Charter Certified Advisor, Carl has been nationally recognized for his work in creating localized, employer-built, health-care plans. By removing misaligned incentives, directing care based on quality and cost, and, ultimately, helping courageous employers fix their plans, companies are saving 15-to-30 percent in their healthcare spend. An accomplished speaker, Carl often rallies audiences with stories of how Mitigate Partners are challenging Wall Street (insurer-built) health plans by creating Main Street (employer-built) health plans and bending the healthcare cost curve.

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