The Mindful Physician: Michael S. Krasner, MD, FACP

Michael (Mick) Krasner (he/him), MD, FACP is a Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Krasner has been teaching
Mindfulness-Based programs to patients, medical students, and health professionals for more
than 23 years, involving over 4000 participants and more than 2000 health professionals, and
continues to facilitate Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for employees and dependents of
the University of Rochester. He was the project director of Mindful Communication: Bringing
Intention, Attention, and Reflection to Clinical Practice, sponsored by the New York Chapter of
the American College of Physicians, funded by the Physicians Foundation for Health Systems
Excellence, with results reported in JAMA in September 2009. This program led to the
establishment of Mindful Practice Programs at the University of Rochester which he co-directs, offering continuing educational programs to health professionals and educators locally
and internationally for the past 13 years, and incudes a multi-year teacher training program for
future facilitators of Mindful Practice. He has been engaged in a variety of research projects
including the investigations of the effects of mindfulness practices on the immune system in
the elderly, on chronic psoriasis, and on caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients.

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The Author: Paul Pender, MD

As founder and director of the first state-licensed and Medicare-certified ambulatory surgery center in New Hampshire, Dr. Paul Pender is a retired ophthalmologist with decades of medical and surgical experience. At the national level, Paul provided instruction for laser vision correction to professional ophthalmologists. On a personal level, he worked intimately with patients to recover and restore their vision in his Manchester, NH ophthalmic group practice. If you want to learn more about ophthalmology, there’s no greater resource than Paul Pender.

Paul’s devotion to the study and refinement of eye surgery and ophthalmology is a passion and he believes in life-long learning. Despite retirement, Paul continues to moderate educational presentations for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He also shares informational articles and other eye care resources in his blog and is currently developing literature to chronicle his experiences as an early pioneer of modern eye surgery and ophthalmology. Paul is available as an educational resource and keynote speaker. He looks forward to his continuing service in the field of medical eye care.

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The Pragmatic Visionary: Dave Chase, CEO

Dave Chase leads the vision for Health Rosetta which is to empower community-owned health plans. Health Rosetta’s blueprint and platform powers the health plans of your dreams: high quality, trustworthy, local, affordable care — that you thought had disappeared forever — from caregivers we know & trust. We free up compassionate, well-trained, community-based caregivers to rediscover love in medicine so they can do what they have always been called to do: serve their patients not just in disease, but toward their fullest health. A trusted & sacred caregiver-patient bond is built through transparency & openness that equips and empowers patients wherever they can best achieve their unique health goals — at home or any setting best optimizing their well-being. By avoiding the 50% wasted healthcare spending, we can ensure our caregivers have the independence & resources to address the psychosocial and medical issues their patients face. Human-centered health plans restore health, hope & well-being.

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