Healthcare Leader of the Year Awardees

Every year, the American College of Healthcare Trustees and Physician Outlook Magazine award the prestegous Healthcare Leader of the Year Awards to individuals or organizations in our community who are striving to bring a positive change to our patients, practices, and each other. 

This year, Dr. Cook has had the honor of speaking with some of those award recipients in this special bonus episode of Rx For Success. 

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[0:00] Music.

[0:07] Paging dr. cook paging dr. cook dr. cook you’re wanted in the OR.

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[0:36] Hello everyone and welcome to this bonus edition of the RX for Success podcast I’m dr. Randy cook and I’ll be your host.
Today we’re partnering with physician Outlook Magazine to highlight this year’s Healthcare leadership awards from the American College of healthcare trustees
these awards are presented annually and seven different categories by the ACH T in cooperation with physician Outlook.

[1:03] On today’s show I’ll be speaking with four of this year’s honorees so let’s get underway with this year’s winner in the physician leader category.
Dr. Marion mass dr. mass is a pediatrician from Bucks County Pennsylvania.

[1:20] She’s also a tireless advocate for a number of important Healthcare issues not only in her home state of Pennsylvania.

[1:27] But also at the nation’s capital in Washington.

[1:31] What’s a great honor for me today to welcome dr. Marion Mass to the podcast.

[1:40] And congratulations Marian on being the physician leader Award winner for the American College of healthcare Executives I’m very proud of you.
Oh well thank you it’s an honor.
So on the podcast on RX for success we’re trying to talk to as many of the leaders of this year’s Awards as we can and I just want to pick your brain a little bit
it’s about how you think this sort of came to be have you think you’ve always had the leadership instinct or is that something that came.
Later for you is it nature is it nurture it’s always a question right fascinator right right I think I have a little bit of the nature of what would I say.
I think I should be able to say what I want and have an opinion and.
And if others disagree with me well so you disagree we can talk about it and I’m not afraid to say whatever that opinion is even if it’s too.
You know if we lived under a king I would have no trouble saying something to the king it’s edible.
Those who know you myself included have certainly come to know you in exactly that fashion.

[2:46] And and it’s made you very effective I might add you know I’m wondering if there is any.
Particular individual some person or persons and your life that.
You think how to play a particular effect and shaping your leadership Ambitions what do you think.

[3:04] So my parents my parents my parents yeah.
Tell us a little bit about your parents sure so I always refer to my mother is the reason that I do some of this reform work and you can read the story on Kevin MD I won’t go into any details but it’s
it became a passion driver for me what happened to my mother so my mother was firm.
Effective energetic very kind and loved your community through and through she saved the local library she ran the PTA she started the drug prevention group.
And you know it’s interesting because I think she wasn’t necessarily.

[3:44] She didn’t start out that way she graduated from high school at 15 in a coal mine around in a Pennsylvania yeah well she started early because she missed her brother.

[3:53] And she was very shy and I think she became less shy having five kids and then just becoming involved in.
All of the volunteer activities that ensconced our life when we were growing up.
And you know I kind of watched it happen I remember being in 6th grade and she became the PTA president just I remember watching her present at an assembly and.
I could tell she was a little nervous at first and as I watched over years I watched my mother become less of that and it was kind of really fun to see the person who stayed home with me and Candor and tomatoes and.
Made our own jam and grow our own vegetables turn into turn into a leader it was nice to watch.

[4:36] And so my mother was a little bit more sweet quiet and firm than my father and God do I miss both of them.
My sounds like they were a good match okay were he was a fireball he was the baby of eight and he had so many little axioms don’t let the door hit you in the.

[4:57] On your way out you know if you’re mad you’ll get glad again I can hear all these little axioms you know but my father
he didn’t care who you are he said everyone puts their pants on the same way one leg at a time
of course you know us women we put on dresses and skirts so maybe we maybe have really different in her and advocating but he he always taught me you know don’t be afraid to say
anything to anyone and he was very plain-spoken but effective and he would have been incapable of understanding
our modern world where people are angry and trying to cancel each other it would I can hear him and what he’s telling me about all of that and it doesn’t matter what side of any issue you stand on the fact that people don’t talk about it.
So you know so I think those those two people in terms of their leadership the way that they had leadership.
That would probably be the two people that influenced me the most that’s really interesting and I and I can certainly see all of those elements in you that you were clearly paying attention and and one last question before we go.

[6:06] If you’ve got just a few more seconds to do you think that you’ve been changed in any way as a result of your experiences and Leadership.
Oh absolutely So currently right now one of the issues I’m working on is transparency and
some regulation regarding Pharmacy benefit managers right now these people who are legally allowed to receive Kickbacks that our government has given them and their cousins the hospital
middlemen the group purchasing organizations but anyway when I first discovered this I thought holy cow look this is going to save a couple hundred billion a year for Americans.
This is going to be so easy I’m going to go down to Congress I’m going to tell them what to do they’re going to do it and then we’re going to be done right yeah right.

[6:51] I forgot to mention that my dad one of the most endearing things about my father’s he loved to laugh he was half German half Irish and boy he loved to laugh and love to tell a joke.
So the humour carries over so what have I learned you know so I was very impatient when this first didn’t happen like
are you kidding me you don’t want to get rid of Kickbacks for these large Behemoth companies that are the richest healthcare companies in America I don’t understand right but I had to learn patience and I had to learn process
and I had to learn that okay like you know my medical degree isn’t necessarily everything that I need to do this I need to
you know I think of dear friends who have been such a help to me Marty Jameson a journalist that helped me learn to write you know someone who helps me edit my manuscripts that’s like been so invaluable.
My husband who’s kind of like when I go all fire and brimstone on people he like I can see him just like tempering me down I think he finds sorry for some of these lawmakers.
He’s the yin to the Yang yes yes he’s much more common uniques actually really great analogies I mean really super ones so what I’ve learned is that I had to be patient.

[8:02] And I’ve learned that that I have a lot to learn and I keep on learning there’s so many skills to this there are sort of.
The skills of diplomacy and rhetoric and the skills of writing that you know are always getting better and I’ve learned that
and I think actually this is something my mother always used to say she would say you can learn something from every single person you meet but I’ve learned that like at first it may not seem that way.

[8:28] But then you have to kind of if you can’t find something you might want to look a little harder
no and I’ve learned that I think I’ve learned to temper my anger you know I immediately went to anger when I couldn’t get done what I thought was best for patients and I’ve learned that all right well.
I may disagree with someone but then maybe there’s something I’m going to agree with them later on so a little diplomacy is helpful and I’ve learned watching people
cleared clearly you have picked up a good bit of wisdom along the way and I and I think we would all like to think that we’ve.
Done that as we make it through our lives but it has been particularly effective on you so before we let you go I just want to say one more time the biggest is going to graduations on your award as the physician
leadership winner in this year’s American College of healthcare trustees
Awards and proud of you and I’m proud that you have taken the time to be with us on the podcast today thank you again.
Well dr. cook thank you and thank you to the ACTH it’s a great organization and.
I’m like really pleased to know them and to participate in their activities.
Next on our list of healthcare leader awardees we have Co recipients and the executive leadership category.

[9:49] They are mr. Carl schuessler and mr. Berry Murphy.

[9:53] Carl was my guest on two different episodes of RX for Success episode number 68 and number 69.

[10:01] We talked about his company mitigate Partners he’s back with us today along with his co-founder in mitigate Partners Berry Murphy.
And today we’ll hear a little bit about their company and their own development has successful leaders.

[10:15] Music.

[10:21] Continuing with our discussions today I’m really happy to be having a conversation with the co-winners in the Healthcare Executive.
Award and that would be Carl schuessler and Barry Murphy they are the co-founders of a company called mitigate Partners which we’ll talk about a little bit.

[10:39] But first of all I want to say welcome to the show both of you Carl and Barry it’s great to talk to you.

[10:45] Well thank you very much dr. Cooke you know certainly Carl and I were honored to receive this prestigious recognition but it’s always fun to speak with
fellow compatriots that are trying to make things better in this crazy industry.
Good to be with you today dr. cook thank you for the opportunity to be with you.

[11:08] Well I am certainly familiar with your company having interviewed Carl in the past what a great organization and those of us in the health care world are
really happy to have people like you all are you two on our side let’s get into our.
Conversation today again congratulations on winning the award but Carl I think I’ll.
Start with you you’ve already always got a story to tell I’m wondering if you can think of some person or persons
in your past that had a substantial impact on shaping your leadership skills and your ambition what do you think well I would say probably my parents first and foremost
my father was a 45 year Private Practice OBGYN.

[11:58] Physician and my mother you know was predominately a stay-at-home mom but I would say that.
They probably had the you know most profound influence on that and then just kind of being out front on different things and
you know I would also say that Barry Murphy who’s with us today has something to do with that as I was right out of college he’s mentored me along as I kind of went down this journey.

[12:23] And so I would say that he also had a role in that as well well that’s very impressive and Barry what what’s your response to that
same question well those are kind words to me when I was very young in high school I was fascinated by mathematics and part of that discipline is geometry is based on the
principles and teachings of Euclid but most people aren’t aware that there’s an equally
relevant and valid internal system that’s called non-euclidean geometry and it’s based on a very simple principle
but the point is is that and going to spending my college Years at Georgia Tech.

[13:08] Gave me a different perspective it made me realize that which you see is not necessarily the truth about what is there to be inquisitive and too
as they as the proverb says to think outside the box and be solution driven rather than process-driven I did have one
of many mentors that fellow named John saint Holtz who is no longer with us
that taught me to accept the fact that everybody has their own View and it’s valid that they had their view but the objective is to listen
help them refine their View and help to them to deliver on the Promises of that view so I think that’s really profound when I asked you the question of.

[13:58] Who was your influencer you tell me that it was the educational process and I think that’s a very important point to be made good for you sticking with you Barry can you say.

[14:08] That you showed signs of really intending to be a leader in your early life or is that something that came much later
well for me it’s not so much being a leader but being self-aware
having the confidence to stick to my thought processes honestly in terms of leadership I think people have always said I don’t play very well with others
and only one time in my life did I have any
the level of employee Workforce for a for about a year and a half I’ve had 15 employees but for me I’m more of a thinker Persuader doer than I am a manager and
I think one of the keys to success is to know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at
this guy mentioned John Shan holds told me more than once everybody tries to work on their weaknesses
but if you spend your time doing that at the end of your life you’re just going to have stronger weaknesses and it is wiser to
embrace your.

[15:17] Talents few though they may be spend your time in that world and delegate or find workarounds for the things you’re not really good at
again that is a really profound thought and
Carl I’m going to go back to you I’m going to I’m interested to see if I’m going to identify the the yin and the Yang here where you always out in front of the crowd running for student body president wanting
to lead where everybody should follow was it was that what your early life was like absolutely nice probably greatly.
You probably could be the farthest from the truth no I never really was looking to be.

[15:56] In this role that bearing I have kind of grown into that was never an intent I mean I didn’t like public speaking doctor cook I mean I couldn’t stand to stand up front of the room
and I certainly didn’t in college being in front of you know 300 people in biology 101 and they could they would
you know mr. schussler and try to pronounce your name that stand up that’s me.
Over here no Sono I generally never was looking for that and I’ve always been very passionate I’ve always been kind of an OCD guy.
Like golf I mean I was I think I told you that story about my father on that podcast we did in August last year but.

[16:36] You know I would come in and relive 72 holes of golf with my dad every day and I have no idea how you listen to that but I was always passionate on what I was doing and.
And I have a real passion for trying to change and fix the Healthcare System selfishly and for everyone else because I want to have a decent system when I get.
Get there really have to start using it more and so that’s really a fundamental mission that I’m on and.
And with that the passion was picked up by folks and we end up.
You know as you know speaking around the country but was never looking for that it just kind of happened that way hmm.
Well and so that leads me to what I think is going to be the final question I never know where these are going to go but.
On prescription for success.
You know we talk to successful people every week and I love the stories and one of the things that I
one of the things that I like to pick up on from people is.
The story any stories that they have about how they’ve been changed along the way by or as a result of their.
Success so I’ll stay with you Carl can can you think of ways that you’ve been changed as a person based on.
Your leadership experience and the success in your company I think dr. cook in any of this.

[18:04] I think you always have to you know be yourself and stay true to yourself and I think there have been times in my life.

[18:15] Might apologize for who I was as berries made the great eloquent points about weaknesses and things like that so one of the things I learned really early on is I think it’s always important to be truthful
and transparent and try to do it with tact and it doesn’t help if you’re a southern gentleman to help soften at that sometimes but.
I’ve often said and people say the great thing about Carl is he’ll always tell you what he thinks the bad thing about Carl is he’ll always tell you what he thinks so I think
being bluntly honest I think people appreciate getting to the heart of the matter quicker.
People appreciate so I think is your question States you know
you need to be true to yourself and be who you are don’t be someone you’re not and I think you always have to be humble and don’t forget where you came from and with all these sayings at the end of the day.
I put my pants on just like everyone else in the country does I’m no different and I’m just being true to myself and just passionate
and that that’s what my answer would be.

[19:24] And I’ll go to one final question here again that I’m going to address to both of you and I’ll go back to Barry on this one to begin what do you think.

[19:34] Other observers would learn for themselves things that they could benefit from by looking at your leadership experience.

[19:42] Well a moment on the prior question for me I don’t think so much I’ve
changed because like Carl I’ve always been true to my core but how I interact with the environment has changed as I observe the ebb and flow of
business and what things are going on like most people on our business early on I was motivated by money because I didn’t have any and it
it was a great way to you know create a
livelihood but as you get older and you cross the Rubicon of midlife
your motivations in my experience change and about 12 years ago I became really frustrated with what I was doing
because I couldn’t make a difference for my.
Given the nature of the traditional Insurance Network and Marketplace and Carl and I have always been good friends and we talked about this and talked about this and I think he caught
the mission and we started on our own
developing these ideas about how to fix the which wrong with the healthcare system and you know it to me a leader says follow me.

[21:06] And I would characterize Carl you made a comment on this as well but I would say that mitigate Partners has evolved into a.
A tribe of followers and what I mean by that is is you know Carlin III don’t think consciously say here’s where we’re going we make an effort to mold and shape the environment to better outcomes and we have created Apostles if you will
not that by intention but I think because we are different and we are a shining light.
People said I like that I want to be part of that and then working with those people because they all have great ideas and we’re not the only ones that have a corner on that we created this
Partners platform and I think it’s well positioned to make a difference you know tomorrow will be my 50th anniversary in the insurance business and
I’ve seen a lot I’ve had to reinvent myself four or five times again in response to Market forces but I get a.
Some level of career satisfaction to know that I with Carl could be part of starting a movement
they could change a lot of what’s wrong with this health system so that’s not a direct answer to your question but I think.

[22:34] Because I you know I keep telling these people the mitigate Partners look when you call on a prospective client.
Let them know I don’t want to tell you why I can do with your
agent does better than they do I’m sure they’re doing a great job but we don’t do that anymore we don’t Pander and
money and profit by being lucky because you happen to be upset with your broker at the particular time we’ve truly morphed into being advisors that have a pathway forward.
And for me I told people look year they’re going to like this or not if you’re not stay with your current broker I’m sure they’re good
people they have good intention they probably do a great job we just don’t do that anymore but if you if you feel
pulled to the Clarion call of this new future we’re the only people in town that can do it.

[23:27] And so I tend to walk away from business if the prospective employer doesn’t get it isn’t irritated enough with what’s going on or is somehow beholding to the status quo
you know I don’t we don’t have to write all of them we’re just looking for the as Carl put it courageous employer who feels like they want to have a better situation for their employees and free up dollars.

[23:56] Currently wasted in the healthcare delivery for better corporate purposes that’s I’m sorry to be long-winded but that’s kind of what I feel
well that’s great and I think that’s actually a great answer to the question it sounds like what we should learn from you is to keep learning and keep changing according to the needs of your customers absolutely and the nuances of the marketplace.
And Carl I’m going to go back to you for the final question before we get out of here it occurred to me that as strange as it may seem perhaps everyone has not heard our
previous interview but if you can give us your elevator pitch on exactly what mitigate Partners is and what you guys do
I’ll be glad to not cook I want to say one thing I know you when we did the inside of the Doctors Lounge show way back you
the other doctors were giving me a hard time or something your comment was well they heard your podcast Carl.
And so I just wanted to go on the record I’ve been keeping track and.
I don’t think I spoke in 42 minutes and we’ve been going for 16 so and I know you haven’t said much so my comrade over here has a has a talking problem no I’m kidding.

[25:12] Um but I’ve said very little so know Barry is.
One of the best communicators I’ve ever encountered in my life he’s just so crystal clear and I’m probably a lot more folks him I delivery but.
Going back to your question.
Mitigate Partners really was formed because we felt that you know this and the old African proverb if you want to go fast go alone you want to go far go together
and it was a group of people that believed in some of the same things.

[25:43] And instead of compete with each other we decided to collaborate so collaboration over competition and everyone is fiercely independent
so is 25 plus benefit advisors.
It came together to try to go on the same Mission share ideas and thoughts and and when you involve multiple people you’re not as myopic in your views and.
Barry sees the world differently from where he is in Florida then I might see it in Atlanta Georgia so we’re able to collaborate and share in his old proverbs
you know verse iron sharpens iron and that’s basically.
It in a nutshell well it has been a great pleasure to talk with both of you and I want to take one last opportunity to congratulate you on being
co-winners of the healthcare leader of the Year award in the executive category from the American College of healthcare trustees and physician Outlook.

[26:35] Magazine my assessment is that they couldn’t have picked a better organization than mitigated Partners this time around at my congratulations to you both and thank you both for being here.
Thanks dr. Kurt it’s been a pleasure spending some time with you
yeah it’s not cooked thank you so much and thanks to physician Outlook and American college Health Care Trustees for select select a nice but this prestigious award
we’ll get back to our interview in just a moment but first I want to let you know that we here at MD coaches are very proud to announce our newest offering.

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[27:50] And now let’s get back to our interview.

[27:53] Music.

[27:58] Died of final guest for today is dr. Kimberly Jackson.
Family Medicine physician and very busy mom in the Phenix City Alabama Columbus Georgia area.
Kim is the founder of Physicians working together a wonderful organization whose purpose is exactly what the name implies.

[28:18] We talked about pwt and lots of other things and episode number 47 of RX for success.

[28:25] And here’s what she had to say about this year’s Healthcare leadership awards
well I’m honored today to welcome back to my podcast dr. Kimberly Jackson Kim’s good to talk to you again.
It is an honor to be here thank you Randy well I certainly am honored today because I am speaking with the.
Latest recipient of the board member category and the healthcare leader Awards offered by the American College of healthcare trustees and physician Outlook Magazine.

[29:06] And what an honor it is to be the winner in the board category are you excited about it
I am super excited and psyched and honored and just
I’m bored I didn’t even know such a category existed as well as I didn’t even know I was being considered for it so to you know have that happen and then to even mailboxes a month or so ago open up and get this beautiful plaque I was like.
Just in awe and so active so yeah.
Well in a very important category it is and the work that you’ve done and Physicians working together I would be hard to put a price on that I think it’s just been.

[29:46] Invaluable but I appreciate you coming back to the podcast and I want to spend just a few minutes with you
talking about you and I’m interested to know Kim
when you look back at your own past can you think of some person or perhaps multiple people who
played a big part or a significant part in shaping your ambition and annual in your leadership skills.
That is such an excellent question reading in I think the latter part of what you said is more accurate for is more than one person in particular like several persons and several events
um I remember from even high school of trying to figure out what I wanted to do and.
Have an opportunity to shout or an emergency room physician and relies on that I wanted to go and health care and then thinking at first met Bad Teacher do nursing and then there was a minister
for the church that I was attending that just told me well you know why don’t you go all the way you don’t have to stop at nursing so that kind of first started my the idea of hey you know what true I could I could be a doctor I could be a physician and so
doing that finishing up high school I also had two teachers it was funny enough and this is one of those
examples of those stories where people can think it starts off babbity into
peeing good so my parents had time children and majority would boys wow had two older yes I had two older brothers and so there was Miss Griffin she was just this excellent just you know.

[31:14] Business-type just decorate it woman that was a Delta Sigma Theta which is a sorority and
as 40 lady and she was just so well put together and so there was this group called Beta Club that was for persons that don’t don’t know it was like a academic organization in schools if you made really really great actually to tell you that
that I’m that I’m very familiar with Beta Club I was actually the State president of Beta Club in Alabama back in
but this that’s right that’s okay this is about you I just wanted to let you know that I was part of your organization yeah exactly so tell us more.
So the thing that happened was the year that I was like a senior in high school there was a race to see who would be president a better club right
and so it was myself and some other person’s and I won and so my script came and told me later and it’s so funny because she didn’t object to me
running as notice there was a little hesitation but after I did my year of being president and we had a successful year she came and she said you know what I want you to know you outdid yourself.
And you out did my expectations of you she said I was so concerned since you had
the brother is older in the brothers younger than you that you were gonna be like this Wallflower you want to be able to speak up and speak out and she said you surpassed All my expectations and just went above and beyond what I anticipated and that I felt like
it was definitely one of the parts that help me with you know becoming the leader that I am that at night use that title graciously to stay the people filled in on a leader there was another teacher that I had.

[32:43] Made out a is through school for the most part and my
couple of semesters to see you year same thing in high school I had one class that was like Advanced English in the way it was set for my school was 95 to 100 was it a and then 92 94 was Abby was just kind of weird little system.
So I was getting 9900 and everything and one day I left my report card out and this lady Miss Allen she came and she saw and she picked it up and she’s like are these your grades and I was like yes ma’am.
So unbeknownst to her I had 99 hundreds and everything you know she was the only teacher that always kept me with a 94.

[33:16] For the first two semesters and it was a subjective class because Advanced English people papers and stuff
Randy after she saw my report card she saw me in a different light and for the next two semesters I had AIDS in all my classes so it taught me that perception for a lot of people’s reality and sometimes you have to shake that box up
and I even use that when I got to college for certain
constructivism classes if I felt like hey you know what maybe I’m not get a fair shake and who knows what it was you were a girl your minority I just don’t know if you talked enough in class maybe talk too much in class who knows what the issue was when they had kind of put you in a box
but speaking up.
Actually made a difference so those were things that were like a say one of those things where you think maybe a little negative but actually had a great positive result for me as far as becoming the leader than I am and then.

[34:03] Other instances occurred you know in college was President for different organizations med school classes I even there was a loss in my family so I had to get counseling was in medical school and
the person telling me that when you take a group of Highly Educated and persons that are going above and beyond and all their fields and put them all together
that sometimes a little more difficult because that Circle that you’re in now is more is a higher level of how caliber person in a sense or their experience or their activities or things are doing and so you may have to do more you may have to push more you may have to.
Develop skills better study better because you know pretty much college and high school I never lied to study it just kind of came to me so
those things made me realize that okay yes it’s life changes or things change you have to change with it.

[34:50] You have to realize what what may have worked in the past doesn’t always work in the present or for the future
and then I had the opportunity to be graciously elected chief resident when I did my residency in Columbus Georgia the Columbus family wow yes
yeah it was a big deal the Matter Frank myself and the other young lady over to present with the first two female Chief residents of our program and so that was groundbreaking in itself but then I had the opportunity to attend a chief resident leadership conference in San Francisco California.
So it took all the residents from the nation and so just to get together with folks and share ideas and see their energy and see you know how they did stuff and we learn about leadership style you know servant leadership for those that may know that Democratic Leadership
just various things that take things that you may have.
Naturally been boy worth but home them for better skill and so I took all those things and of course put them into action with
being a first a employed physician and then starting my own practice
and working with my patients or my patients have thought meeting help me things with my leadership skill and definitely my family when you have you know children they teach you about leadership
it’s not always you know they do yes yes they will call you out sometimes like.

[36:07] Well Mom I thought you said that we’re supposed to do blah blah blah you said that this is how that’s supposed to go in.
But didn’t you just do that you know and so it’s that accountability that realizing that they’re watching your steps and that they are
sometimes of course mimicking them and also sometimes challenging them and I think just like I say several persons and
experiences and things have helped create the to be the leader and I’m still being taught things by life experiences and persons as
deal with my colleagues and what Physicians working together and talk to different persons in different fields and you know you realize sometimes you just have the small picture of things but if you actually can
open up your heart and your mind and listen you’re less is a whole big world out there and as you listen and learn that kind of seal creates you to evolve into being you know better person
and a better leader.
What that kind of leads into my next question and that is in my experience with successful people I find that most of them will say.
That as a result of what they’ve been able to accomplish
you know what they’ve done with their lives that they have experienced some significant changes based on what they’ve done and what they’ve seen does that sound like you at all can you talk about how you’ve been changed by.

[37:29] By the successes that you had
yes so first and foremost I am like I say humbled and grateful for all that I’m a person of faithful so you know grateful and thankful for all that I feel God has blessed me with and one of my philosophies are I am blessed.
And I’m a blessing to others and when you have the opportunity in leadership to be able to interact with other leaders
are to be able to direct persons or do activities that can be helpful to other groups like we did Healthcare Town Halls
we’ve met with senators and other persons try to just bring the needs of the average patient to light whether it’s about prescription drugs or about not being able to see their doctor of your choice
and so these things change you because they make you realize that yes you have your own circle of issues and things that may go on with your immediate or extended family or even with your own community.
But there are a lot of issues and needs and things even beyond that and it makes you have more empathy it makes you have more humility it makes you
want to work harder to make better changes and I think that it just overall makes you that know it may sound cliche but literally makes you just a better human being it makes you a better person
for me personally you know I get up every day and I’m you know grateful to be alive and I feel like you know what I want to do better today than I did yesterday I want to make sure that I’m making a difference in people’s lives I want to make sure that.
Anyone that’s encountered me their life is better for it and whether that person is in my life or.

[38:54] Visa nor cease in our lifetime which you know people have heard that phrasing.
That you want it to have been hey you know what if you came across come Jackson path that you know she bought some sunshine to your life that she made things better that she help you be a better person where there is challenging you are supporting you and what you’re doing so.
I think when you have experiences in your life that just expose you to other people even when they’re down or they’re her High you know happy or sad it’s
it helps you just do better and want to be better yeah indeed it does
I appreciate you sharing that with us and Kim before we go I want to give you an opportunity to talk a little bit about Physicians working together this was an organization that came into being because of you and if you could.
Talk to the audience a little bit about what exactly PW T is there are probably some people who might not have ever heard of it
but what pwt is what they do and how they can be part of.

[39:56] Absolutely so thank you so much for the opportunity First physicians working together we started in 2015 so we celebrated seven years this year started in June on Facebook and expand it Beyond Facebook
we’re nonprofit organization now and are cornerstones are about connection collaboration because we care about our patients we care about other Physicians our colleagues who care about our future Physicians
and we work with all of those groups to educate them about health care about ways to get better health care about ways to make sure that they know that they’re not alone we have you know mental health issues that are
very Paramount in our community and we have the loss of position lives that some people don’t aren’t aware of and medical student lives to suicide and so the organization is to
connect people right to help us work together to make sure that the physician-patient relationship that is sacred to the center of.
Giving good health care is preserved and also strengthened but also to just make sure that
patients are aware of what Physicians go through as well we don’t really have that good PR voice for doctors that can say hey
we you know did medical school we did residency we’re doing continual training because we want to make sure that we first Do no harm and that were also able to give you the best care that you your family and your loved ones need and deserve
but we ourselves also need to be supported as well so that’s one of the things we do with.

[41:15] I’m the messaging that we have other videos that we have our own we also have annual medical student scholarship because we believe in investing in our future Physicians and that’s something that’s even going on now that we can check us out on YouTube check us out on Facebook our website is the pwt dot-org
and we’re non-profit so we are always open to
person supporting us monetarily or with their resources and their time or just tell them other person’s about us so we can do more good our
we believe one docks need to realize that they’re not alone that there are good people out there that do support them and hear them and understand what they’re going through when patients and know that we care for them and we want you to know that
together we’re better and that’s why we call our group Physicians working together.
Even though the organization is mostly in the United States with our membership particularly on Facebook we do have members that are not on Facebook but it is other members in other countries as well so that’s ends up you know being just
I think a testament to the mission and the appeal that we have of trying to connect people
well I know that you’re proud of the organization and and rightfully so it really has done some great things and will continue to do great things.
And I think the committee at physician Outlook and the American College of healthcare trustees.
I gave us a very good pick for the board member category this year and again congratulations on this honor.

[42:43] Thank you and I want to say thank you to them as well for choosing me for this honor I am extremely grateful and excited and it just challenges me to do more and to go forward and to continue to make a difference in persons lives.

[42:56] Thank you so much for joining us today as we celebrate this year’s winners of The Physician Outlook Magazine Healthcare leaders of the year
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